Astanga Yoga


Have you tried Astanga Yoga ?

Suitable for all levels and complimentary to your Bikram practise.

What is Astanga Yoga?

Astanga is a physically demanding form of yoga that features linked postures that flow as in Sun Salutes. The Breath is tied to the postural flow. Each class involves exploring the beauty of the flow in the basic Primary Series.  The Sun Salutes, standing postures, sitting postures, and an introduction to inversions with shoulder stand.

What are the benefits?

The immediate benefits will include an increase in physical strength, especially in the upper body, brought about by the sun salutes. Plus the feeling of well-being and rejuvenation that comes with a yoga practice. After Savasana – corpse posture comes the reawakening and you feel every part of your body come to life.

Is Astanga Yoga suitable for everyone?

Yes it is! Although people learn at different speeds the beauty of Astanga is in its repetitive nature… if you don’t pick it up today there is always tomorrow and the next day and the day after that… Also Astanga supports any discipline, so if you are a dancer, a triathlete or a power-lifter Astanga will help maintain and develop your body.

How does Astanga compliment Bikram yoga practise?

The basis of an Astanga practice is deep full Udjayi breaths used continuously throughout the practice. In the heated room of a Bikram practice although you can’t breath like that all the time I found that udjayi breathing comes in useful between postures. I also found that the stamina gained from a long Astanga practice helps the focus of the more intense Bikram practice.

Is the room heated?

The heating is not switched on for the Astanga practice, but sweat arrives very quickly because of the well insulated room.

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