Pilates Workshop with Jude at BYB

Jul 7th, 2015

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Pilates Workshop with Jude at BYB

We catch up with Jude who teaches Pilates at the studio, to find out more about her Bikram practise, Pilates class and upcoming Pilates Workshop.

Pilates Workshop – Sunday 12th July 11am – 1pm – suitable for all levels – Book your place on the workshop here

Pilates class at the studio every Thursday 12pm – 1pm: The Pilates Flow class is in a warm studio, great for activating your core before or after a Bikram class.












Can you tell us about your upcoming workshop and what we can expect?

The workshop is this Sunday 12th July  11am -1pm, its suitable for all levels and there will be time for questions and answers especially if people have specific areas they would like to strengthen. I will be focusing on the various posture types and spend time looking at different exercises people can do at home or after class to help improve their posture, alignment and spine health! We will spend some time looking at postures that people particularly struggle with in a Bikram class and I will provide Pilates exercises that will help overcome these challenges. We will also focus on improving core stability which, in turn, can help their yoga practice.


Jude – can you tell us a bit about your journey so far with Bikram Yoga?

I have been practicing hot yoga for about 7 years whilst I was training as a professional dancer in London. During this time I visited a Bikram studio a couple of times but I have to be honest, it wasn’t really my thing. I felt like I needed a more flowing yoga practice so I stuck to Hot Power Yoga. It wasn’t until I moved to Bristol in April that I decided to give Bikram yoga another try and I don’t know what it was, maybe the environment of the studio or maybe it was because of Jenny’s enthusiasm but I was converted straight away. Now I practice pretty much everyday.










What are the benefits of Bikram for you?

I’ve found that Bikram just has such a positive effect on my mood and if I miss practice I find my energy levels and general mood tend to be quite low. After giving up dancing professionally, it’s been so nice to find a form of exercise that is just about you and your body. I still practice and teach ballet and Bikram has helped to keep my strength up. It’s fun to push my flexibility and strength in a way that I haven’t really been able to do before.


10407427_10154525156595046_2526032315637383311_nAs well as teaching dance and Pilates you also train in aerial silks?

I’ve really felt the Bikram has complemented my aerial silks training. I hadn’t practiced Silks for 2 years and I was so nervous to go back as I knew I was going to be really weak but my yoga practice aided this and built up my core faster than I had hoped for. Still have to do a few extra push ups though!



Earlier this year you went to the yoga championships with Laura, how did you find the experience?

I have especially loved working so closely with Laura to train for the yoga championships in March. She is tiny but a rock! I love the Bikram beginners series but in the advanced class we really get to see how much our bodies can potentially do and I really enjoyed the competition, it was nerve racking but fun!


Whats your favourite posture? 

Like most, I love standing bow and we are working towards dancers’pose, which is bow to the extreme, it’s fun to try and maybe one day I’ll nail it. I do love a good standing head to knee, weirdly enough. I think it’s because it’s such a strong pose and probably the first posture that I did in class and Laura said could be competition standard.

With the combination of Bikram, Pilates, dance and silks how has your practise changed?

I have certainly seen and felt many changes in my practice and in myself. I had to reel my practice in at first as I was doing ‘dancers’ yoga so my legs were flying everywhere. All the teachers have helped me focus on my strength as opposed to flexibility and I feel stronger than I have in a long while. It’s great to be addicted to a form of exercise that makes me strong as opposed to skinny and I’m a lot less stressed and nervous than I used to be even a year ago.


So far you have done completed two of the 30 day challenges?

Yes I have done two 30day challenges and I love them. I aim to practice everyday anyway but there is something so rewarding in having a set focus and goal. I think everyone should give a challenge a go at some point during their time at the studio…it’s hard work and you will face your own challenges be it feeling more emotional or getting random rashes like me, but at the end it is so satisfying and you just feel so much stronger and focused.



Pilates Workshop this Sunday 12th July 11am – 1pm – Spaces will be limited so book your place here