New Students Survival Guide

Feb 18th, 2014

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New Students Survival Guide

We get asked a lot of questions from peeps who have heard of Bikram before, and are thinking about trying it out, but aren’t sure what to expect…


So here’s a list of tips, tricks, and hints for you to get your first Bikram yoga class off to a good start! Enjoy :)


Before Class

Hydrate. This is one of the most important things to do to ensure you have a good class; but beware of falling into the common trap of trying to guzzle a bottle of water down ten minutes before class – hydration happens a full 24hrs before – so be aware of what you’re drinking the day leading up to class – and as a rough guide aim to sip up to 2 litres of water on the day of class.

Bring water with you to class. It’s hot in the room; you’ll sweat and get thirsty. No panic if you forget to bring water though as we sell it in the studio.

Don’t wear heavy/lots of clothes. Honestly, you will regret anything other than shorts or capri leggings plus a vest top max. It gets hot in the room and you don’t want the weight/constriction of soaking wet clothes, trust us :)

Get here early. Ideally half an hour early as that gives you time to fill out the necessary forms, get changed, and get a good position in the room.

Remember you’ll need a mat two towels. But again, don’t panic if you forget / don’t want the hassle of lugging them to class as we sell / hire those too.

Expect Nothing! That goes for expectations of yourself, the teacher & the class. Expect nothing – and be open to everything.


During Class

Keep an open mind. If you’ve practiced other yoga before, be aware that this will likely be very different. Resist thinking: “Hey, this isn’t how we do it in {insert previous yoga style of choice}” – instead listen to the teacher and be open to what s/he says, even if your brain wanders off elsewhere.

Take breaks if you need them. This is your first class, go easy on yourself… your goal is just to stay in the room; anything else is a bonus :)

Stay in the room. Following on from the point above: staying in the room is the most important thing. Even if you have to sit the whole time, by staying in the room, maintaining your focus, and mentally staying with the class you are still practicing yoga… and by staying in the room, you are giving your body the time and space to adjust to the heat for your next class.

Breathe. I appreciate this one probably sounds obvious; but when we push ourselves too hard in class, our breathing is the first thing to go… so maintain focus on your breath, and ensure you only breathe through your nose.


After Class

Don’t be in a hurry to leave. Take your time in Savasana, hang up your mat, put your towels in the bin in the changing rooms – and if there’s anything you were unsure of in class, come talk to us on reception afterwards: we’re here to help!

Re-hydrate. Ideally have something with electrolytes – we sell coconut water and electrolyte sachets; both of which are great. Also drink plenty of water for the rest of that day.

Get to another class as soon as possible. They say in Bikram “come back as soon as you can, as often as you can!”, and that’s especially true when you first start. Your body has to get used to this very different kind of exercise; so the more frequently you go, the more of a chance it has to do just that.


Most importantly: Enjoy Your Practice! :)