Posture of the week – Triangle – Trikanasana

May 26th, 2016

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Posture of the week – Triangle – Trikanasana

Posture of the week – Triangle – Trikanasana

Combining balance, strength and flexibility, challenging on a physical level and also challenging for the mind as it concentrates on so many different aspects – there is a lot to think about in this posture! But if you shy away from it in class, challenge yourself to try both sets and learn more about this posture. Here are some tips and benefits of triangle to help motivate and make the adjustments in class to deepen your practise….


























Benefits of the posture:

Increases strength and flexibility in the hips

Tones and strengthens leg muscles and torso

Benefits to the heart and lungs as they work together in this posture

Helps with lower back pain

Opens up the shoulders

Stretches and lengthens torso

Tips for your next class:

Take a big step when starting the posture to create space for the hips to open

As you turn your foot make sure both heels are in line to get the precision and alignment

Engage the inner thighs to maintain depth of the posture and to stop you from slipping

Bend the knee and sink down low

Keep the arms strong as you stretch up to the ceiling and down to the floor in opposite directions