Reception chats with Julian “Half an hour after a class I feel fresh and invigorated”

Apr 21st, 2016

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Reception chats with Julian “Half an hour after a class I feel fresh and invigorated”

We catch up with Julian who has been a regular at the studio since last November, he is committed to practise and made time in his busy week for yoga, the benefits have been huge already – less stressed, weight loss, calming, improved posture and feeling invigorated!

“Since starting Yoga problems seem smaller, I’m much more flexible, lost weight, less stressed, more relaxed and I think more clearly…I’m hooked!”











Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I run a creative marketing agency in Bristol close to Bristol Bikram, and dabble in property in the UK and Portugal. I live in the countryside between Bristol and Bath but thinking about moving into town.  I travel quite a bit.I’ve always been active/sporty (passionate about skiing) so had plenty of broken bones and torn ligaments I would describe myself as a quiet extrovert. Definitely a ‘can do’ sort of person. I’m lucky enough to have two great daughters so asked them what I’m like: Meg said you’re a mystery. Stef; unusual and extreme. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked!

Have you been practising yoga for long?

I went to my first class on 12th November 2015

How long have you been coming to the studio and what was your reason for starting?

I started in November 2015. I had no intention of doing Yoga, but my youngest daughter persuaded me to go with her. I didn’t know what to expect and my first Bikram class was an eye opener. I hate not being able to do things and I certainly couldn’t do this! I thought the second class might be easier – it was Hot Yoga Flow and it wasn’t. I asked Jude if it gets easier. She said it does but it can be addictive. She was right.

How does yoga help with work/life balance?

I’m not a particularly organized person so I’ve never really had a sensible work/life balance and probably never will, but Yoga has definitely had a calming affect. Now I plan my life to include Yoga classes.

You are a regular at both Bikram Classes and Energy Yoga flow classes, what are the benefits you experience from the classes?

Half an hour after a class I feel fresh and invigorated. Any type of strong workout leaves you feeling good but this is very different.

I’ve fractured my spine, my neck and broken my coccyx so never thought I could bend my back into some of the postures. I’m nowhere near ‘bendy’ but now my back doesn’t ache as much, my posture has improved and I’ve lost 6 kilos.

I like the discipline of Bikram; always knowing what to expect and which posture comes next, although each instructor stamps their own personality onto their class. I also really enjoy Hot Yoga Flow, it’s more physical, less structured, and can be fun (?). Jude often drops in the occasional random posture like Dirty Down Dog!

I’ve also done a couple of rejuvenation classes with Jenny – it’s very different, shorter and a laugh a minute!

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Do you have any encouraging words or tips for other students about motivation for maintaining regular yoga practice?

I’m not good enough to give advice, but for beginners who may feel overwhelmed, keep at it because the benefits are extraordinary, and the harder you work the better you will feel. I set myself small goals by focusing on a posture until (I think) I can do it. Take a look at Jude and Laura in action and you may think you can never reach that level but that’s the motivation to push yourself further.

Keep breathing and nothing is impossible!

Go to the workshops. I’ve done a couple with Jude and Barbara and they help give a better understanding of the postures.

What changes and improvements have you noticed since starting?

I’m much more flexible, lost weight, less stressed, more relaxed and I think more clearly. My posture has improved making me more upright walking and sitting.

I’ve found a couple of hours for Yoga almost every day of the week but somehow I have more time on my hands.

Do you have a favourite posture and why?

Favourite postures are ‘Cobra’ which we do at the start of Hot Yoga Flow – I don’t know why but it makes me smile. Also like Lizard – I can’t do it yet, but I will get there.
I don’t know much about Yoga but to me it feels like reminding your body of what it’s capable of. And your body (and mind) seems to like it.












Is there anything else you want to add?

The instructors and staff are great – really welcoming and helpful. I still can’t do most of the postures properly and ‘wobble’ balancing but they’re always supportive.

Since starting Yoga problems seem smaller. I can’t explain why but anyone with a busy, complicated life who’s tried yoga might understand.

I’m hooked.