Reception chats with Sarah – Pregnancy and Yoga

Jun 17th, 2015

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Reception chats with Sarah – Pregnancy and Yoga

We catch up with Sarah who has been attending the studio since 2011. She has continued to practise Bikram and Rejuvenating yoga through her pregnancies, and is currently 7 months pregnant with her 3rd child. Jenny took these fantastic photos of Sarah looking incredibly strong and beautiful last week after Rejuvenating class. Sarah says “It has definitely helped me through pregnancy”

“I started Bikram yoga in London, Queens Crescent, in 2004 a few years after I had a ruptured disc removed from my back due to a dance injury. I had been trying to find something that suited me. I dabbled with the odd yoga class but never kept it up. I was hooked!!

sarah 2


It has seen me through lots of milestones! Losing my lovely Dad, getting married, 2 pregnancies, practising 3 times a week with number 1 and twice a week with number 2 as I had less time with a toddler and was working too!! 2 drug free labours, (I was up for having anything but managed without in the end) moving back to the West country, getting new teaching and acting work (I trained as an actress and then later as a teacher) dancing for charity for St Peters Hospice Strictly Come Dancing last year and making the final among other things!!

sarah 1


It has definitely helped me through pregnancy and here I am 7 months with my third and last pregnancy. Jenny took these after her fabulous rejuvenating yoga which I love too!!! I love the Bristol studio!!”

Join Jenny for her 60 minute Rejuvenating Yoga Class on Friday at 12pm and Saturday at 11am. Suitable for all levels. Find out more from Jenny here


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