Hot Yoga Studio Recommendations & Student Testimonials


Just a few of our lovely student testimonials and studio recommendations; we always love reading these – thank you

Rebecca Lim
When I first started practising I couldn’t believe how strong everyone was and it was a real struggle to stay in the room but I have been practising now for a good couple of years and it’s now one of my favourite things to do. Of course my fitness has improved hugely but more than that it really helps me cope with stress. Since I first started doing it, it has really helped me deal with a number of things and now I couldn’t imagine life without it!

Charlotte Analla
I love Bikram Yoga, I am sleeping better. After five sessions my restless leg syndrome is gone and my back is feeling so much better. I would recommend this to everyone!!

Claudia Knowles
Great range of class times and a totally different type of exercise. Classes are always busy but it’s never too packed, and everyone is like-minded so there’s a great atmosphere.

Stephanie Lloyd
I love Bikram yoga. I really like the studio. The instructors are incredibly friendly and helpful. I really recommend it! I’ve had reconstructive knee surgery and this yoga is really helpful for my knee.

Sally Tam
Just started Bikram yoga recently and I absolutely love practicing here! The staff are very friendly and helpful. My postures and techniques have improved a lot thanks to their excellent guidance. Also, Bikram yoga has improved my flexibility. It’s a go to place if you want to relax while practice strength and flexibility. Definitely recommend this place xxxx

Manika Singh
I’ve always enjoyed yoga but Bikram Yoga is a new experience altogether. I started only 3 months ago but I already feel it has made a vast difference in my day to day lifestyle. I feel my skin and hair is better, and my stamina has improved and feel generally a lot more healthier and calmer. I think everyone should try it at least once, because it will definitely be a positive experience in one way or another.

Eli Sarre
I began practicing Bikram having broken my arms and shattered my elbow. I was struggling with pain and movement and was informed that I would never straighten my arm again by my physio. I have now regained movement and experienced a whole host of other benefits including mental and physical strength, balanced moods and dramatic weight loss. I am a qualified nutritional therapist and can recommend Bikram yoga to anyone wishing to improve their health and happiness.

Lillian Antonio
I love Bikram yoga! Bikram yoga Bristol is a great studio where you always feel welcome. The teachers are fantastic, whatever you level they are so helpful and supportive (even when you’re having a bad class!). I have been practising for around 2 years now, although, my work schedule doesn’t always allow me to go as regularly as I would like but something always pulls me back into that room! The health benefits, both mentally and physically, are amazing.

Charlotte Hopes
After more than 3 years of regular bikram practice I can’t imagine my life without it. I never thought that the same 26 postures would keep me interested and coming back time and time again but the feeling you get at the end of class is like nothing I’ve experienced from other kinds of exercise. There is a great sense of community in the Bristol studio and the teachers each bring something different to their classes. I can honestly say I have never regretted a class and I always leave feeling better than I did when I walked through the door.

Suzanne D’Arcy
I walked into the Bikram studio 3 years ago, suffering from stress and bad back. Nearly 200 classes later, I can honestly say I have never felt better. The classes are hard work but rewarding and the teachers are supportive and motivating each and every time. I would recommend this yoga to anyone and everyone – it rally works!

Christiaan Coolen
Variety is the spice of life so I try to fit in as much as possible into my schedule. As I often practice martial arts I thought I’d explore the option of adding yoga into my routine. I should be more flexible then I am, but I am far from it. No matter, with each session I am seeing progress. Carrying a little excess weight I thought that Bikram Yoga might kill two birds with one stone. Increase my flexibility for my martial arts and loose some extra weight and detox with the heat of Bikram. It’s also great for recovery. I started off with the £20.00 for 20 days introductory offer and unfortunately owing to work commitments wasn’t able to make the most of the offer, fortunately the team at Bikram Yoga Bristol are great so they set me up with a new offer – thanks guys. I love it, I’m now practicing as much as possible and will be in tomorrow morning. I find a morning session really sets me up for the rest of the day. I feel all the more productive for getting my head straight with practice in the morning. Over the weekend I even did some DIY that I had been meaning to do for months, after my morning session. All in all a fantastic team and a great exercise. Highly recommended!

Samantha Batley
I have been doing Bikram for just over two months and am completely addicted to it! The staff and teachers are all lovely and really help you to improve yourself in each class. Bikram has helped me with my weight loss, improved my skin and has just made me feel better about myself in general. I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to give it a go! The class times are perfect as well, as I work in the city centre, I can walk over straight over after work. It is just like they say, you never regret a bikram yoga class! Samantha Batley

Beth Marchant
I am a complete Yoga convert! I’ve never really enjoyed Pilates/Yoga classes in the past but the atmosphere and teacher-student relationship at Bikram Yoga Bristol just makes you want to keep going back. Its a very welcoming environment and you genuinely feel pleased for your fellow Yogi’s when they achieve a great position and you in turn can see your own body adapting and improving. The 20 day pass is a great way to introduce yourself to Bikram and you will instantly see why people make yoga a lifestyle choice. But beware, the heat is not for the faint of heart!

Lila Wong
I am not a very active person, I have to say Bikram yoga has improved my energy level and health level immensely. I am now also more flexible and clam. Although each class is hard to get through, but afterwards is ever so rewarding. All the teachers are also really friendly and helpful. I definitely would recommend it to everyone.

Leila Winterbottom
My best friend raved about Bikram yoga and I’ve witnessed the results myself over the last year. She’s gone from being post-baby beautiful to a serious lean machine. Every time I see her I want that body and she’s got it from Bikram alone having given up her gym membership 6 months ago. I started Bikram 3 weeks ago and absolutely love it. It gives me a huge sense of wellbeing and I love that hour and a half I have to focus, sweat and work hard on my postures. I’m completely hooked. The staff are so friendly and warm, the studio is immaculate with everything you could possibly need (forgotten a hairband?… they have a bag full of them behind the reception). Booking is easy, as is cancelling (I have an 18 month old so on occasion my bookings have been hijacked). Their systems are just brilliant. My only fault? I don’t get to go enough!!! Please open a studio in North Somerset!

Amit Suri
Started doing yoga under the intro offer – £20 for 20 days – and found it beneficial both physically and mentally. I felt I could achieve far more in the working week with less stress. I have now joined as a regular member and attend classes routinely. A definite recommendation for anyone – it will just, quite simply, make you feel better!

Megan Doyle
I recently heard about Bikram Yoga Bristol through a friend and thought I’d try their incredible intro offer. I’ve now done 4 classes and have fallen in love! It’s amazing to see how each class gets easier (though never easy) and to notice myself getting more flexible with more stamina with each practice. The studio is friendly and the instructors take time to get to know each student.

Isabel Kearney
I’d been to Bikram Yoga before in Nairobi, but it was over a year ago, and I was a bit scared to start again! I found out about Bikram Yoga Bristol and finally got my act together to try, tempted by the 20 day intro offer. It was great! The teachers are really supportive and there’s a lovely community spirit to the place. I’ve now signed up to 6 months auto pay and hope to turn into a lean, supple, calm person. I see Bikram Yoga as my place of calm, where I think of nothing else but working through the poses. Heaven!

Sarah Hoare
Bikram Yoga Bristol will give you a warm welcome whether you’re a first-timer or one of the regulars. And the warmth only increases once you are in the studio. I never imagined exercising in the heat would suit me, but there’s something about Bikram Hot Yoga that keeps me coming back. I love it. The teachers are dedicated and inspiring and I always leave with a spring in my step. If you haven’t tried it yet – why not?

Kristen Werner
I have been super lucky to have done Bikram yoga classes on several continents. While working in Bristol for a year, I was a regular at Bikram Yoga Bristol. It is one of the cleanest studios I’ve ever frequented. The teachers are friendly and warm and the classes are very traditional, disciplined and I would say above-average. Georgina and Carl create an environment that is cheery, healthy and inspirational. Love this place! (And it is very conveniently located, by the way.)

Mike Gregory
Bikram Yoga Bristol has become such a revelation for me. I’ve never found a method of keep fit that has inspired me to turn up looking forward to classes. 2 years on and I’m doing 4 classes most weeks. The staff are brilliant, offering constant support and encouragement. I’ve never regretted a class and the feeling at the end is amazing. Try a class, listen to the dialog and the sense of satisfaction will be immense at the end of 90 minutes.

Patricia Patilla
Practising Bikram on a regular basis really does make a difference. In this studio located in the centre of Bristol, close to Saint Nicholas market you cannot only experience the 90 minutes yoga in a hot room, but also learn so much from the experienced teachers they have. Really worth recommending to everyone. I absolutely love it. :)