Workshops are open level and suitable for everyone, they are a fun, relaxed, informal, allowing you to ask questions and also receive individual attention. Booking is essential as these workshops will sell out quickly.


Handstand Workshop Learn step-by-step how to handstand with Gabby

Sunday 30th October 1pm – 3pm £20


What to expect in a Handstand Workshop with Gabby:
Correct technique and alignment. Specific strength, control and endurance exercises for hand balance. Basic shapes, levers, lifts and presses. Elbow stands, headstands and contortion / figure handstands. 1 arm progressions and exercises. All round performance flexibility training including static, dynamic, active, ballistic. Detailed partner stretching including PIR and PNF techniques. Injury prevention. Strength, core and endurance exercises to balance out your stretching

About Gabby
National Circus School Paris (ENACR) graduate, globe-trotting hand to hand specialist Gabrielle Parker balances her time on her hands between international performance, teaching at the acclaimed Circomedia Circus University and eating lots of sweetcorn. An acro flyer, sports therapist, professional handstand coach and teacher (of teachers) Gabby is also the Founder of Bristol Handstands. Enjoy her short film